Sunday, April 19, 2009

When the President does it

"When the President does it that means it is not illegal." said Richard M. Nixon in 1977. And so concurs Barak Obama 32 years later. Brushing aside the fact that prosecution of torturers is required under the "supreme law of the land," Barak Obama has regally decided that he and his administration do not need to follow the law. The UN rapporteur on torture begs to differ.

VIENNA (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's decision not to prosecute CIA interrogators who used waterboarding on terrorism suspects amounts to a breach of international law, the U.N. rapporteur on torture said.

"The United States, like all other states that are part of the U.N. convention against torture, is committed to conducting criminal investigations of torture and to bringing all persons against whom there is sound evidence to court," U.N. special rapporteur Manfred Nowak told the Austrian daily Der Standard.

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