Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Even a blind squirrel

The nutcase who accurately represents Israel's view of the Palestinians also seems to have a good idea about the parameters within which the Obama administration is going to function. (h/t WIIIAI)
The Obama Administration will put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to, said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in his first comprehensive interview on foreign policy since taking office.

"Believe me, America accepts all our decisions," Lieberman told the Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets.
Then Lieberman does something a bit strange. After having screamed for some time that Iran was the existential threat to Israel he has changed his mind
During the interview, Lieberman said Iran is not Israel's biggest strategic threat; rather, Afghanistan and Pakistan are.
Adam Horowitz at Mondoweiss thinks that "
Lieberman might be sensing that Israel's strategic worth to the US is shifting and it is important that they get on board with President Obama's foreign policy priorities." A case of I support your murders and you support mine.

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