Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love and self-infatuation

Paul Rosenberg has a post on Open Left talking about the changes in the media environment for Israel. He ends thus

Let's put it bluntly: The "pro-Israel" crowd is not pro-Israel at all. They are pro their own narcassistic self-infatuation. They do not love Israel any more than a stalker loves a celebrity. Neither the love nor the object is real. It is self-centered, self-obsessed infatuation that is above all a cowardly, terrified retreat from the real world. And vitally important as the emergence of J Street has already proven itself to be, it represents, so far, mere baby steps at the beginning of a long pathway to recovery. Recovery from a form of addiction that deludes itself into thinking it is love.

The stalker does not love. The addict does not love. The addict kills what it thinks it loves. The addict does not know the meaning of the word "love." The addict knows nothing-nothing of themselves, nothing of love, nothing of what they claim to love.

No wonder they kill everything in their path. No wonder they make a wilderness and call it peace.

Well said.

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