Monday, February 18, 2008

Election Results

Results for the elections in Pakistan can be found at this Dawn site. It is very early but it sure looks like the religious parties are not doing too well. Seats that had been won by the MMA (which was the coalition of religious parties) in 2002 are going to the PPP (or the PPPP to be exact).


The results as of 7:30 am eastern time are

PPPP (Bhutto's party): 87
PML(N)(Sharif's party): 66
PML(Q)(Musharraf's party): 38
MQM (Allied with Musharraf): 19
ANP: 10
BNP: 1
MMA (Religious parties): 3

At first glance this almost looks like the results from 25 years ago which in a way would not be surprising - same old, same old. It will be interesting to look at the results more closely.

In the provincial elections as of now PPPP holds a majority in Sind, PML(N) has a plurality in Punjab, the ANP has a plurality in NWFP and the PML(Q) has a plurality in Balochistan.

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