Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wheat shortages

The effect of wheat shortages in Pakistan (see below) is now having an effect in Afghanistan. This from Dawn.

Afghanistan closed its border with Pakistan on Tuesday, stopping all kind of traffic and movement of people.
The Afghan border authorities suddenly closed the Friendship Gate at Chaman and deployed extra army personnel.
They said the border would remain closed for an indefinite period.
Afghan border commander at Spin Buldak Abdul Raziq Panjsheri said various cities and towns in southern Afghanistan were facing an acute shortage of flour after wheat and flour supply from Pakistan was stopped.
He said the situation would worsen if the ban was not lifted
“Border with Pakistan at Chaman would remain closed till the decision to ban the supply of wheat and flour is withdrawn,” he said.

This closure is having an immediate effect in blocking supplies to NATO forces. The effects can become a whole lot worse. The shortage of bread will drive a lot of people to the Taliban. Hopefully, the responsible US and NATO authorities are aware of the possible consequences - though one wonders if anyone is responsible anymore.

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