Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One of the more disgusting acts of the US senate was the Military Commissions Act of 2006 which amongst its other provisions included a denial of habeas corpus rights - a step back into the earlier part of the last millennium. Today the senate is debating Amendment S.2202 which would restore habeas corpus rights. Please call your senator now and ask them to support this ammendment.

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5th Estate said...


glad to see you posting again!
I wrote my own Senator Bob Menendez (D-NY) asking him to justify his vote FOR the MCA, as the 2006 elections were looming.
I actually got a letter back that didn't appear to be "boilerplate"--some of it was actually specific to my original e-mail. However he avoided my most direct questions ( and I wasn't rude btw).

At the time I was concerned about his election and offered him (in my e-mail) a $1,000 contribution ( I actually had the money) if he could answer my questions intelligently. He didn't really manage that, so no money from me--but he still got my vote. Thankfully he won the election ( and as a sort-of "plus" didn't succumb to what was in a way a "bribe").

But the MCA is still bollocks and its a serious black mark against those who voted for it.

btw.. I know you comment all over the place (if memory serves me) and you are informed and smart. Are you going to post here more often than of late? I ask becuase I currently get to do the Instahoglet roundup on NewsHoggers and finding "worthy" and also current posts to feature can be a bit of a chore (I'm "behind" on my own blog at the moment).

Drop me a line at sw61090@aol.com to give me a "heads-up" when you have some personal work (in contrast to your latest post here that is important, but not really "personal") that I can link to at Newshoggers and hopefully "feed" your blog.


empty said...

I "started" this blog to get around haloscan's limitations. I don't think I would ever be able to post at the rate you guys do - which I think is necessary to make a blog viable. I do have some stuff I wanted to write about. With your encouragement I think I will :)