Sunday, July 22, 2007

Turkish elections

In response to Cernig's post

Just to add some context, the percentage of votes garnered by AK is the largest share of votes garnered by any party in [modern] Turkish electoral history. AK has run a very sophisticated campaign populating its lists with non-islamist women and mildly left-of-center politicians.

And you are right about the agreement between all parties and the military about the PKK. The memories of the 90's in fresh in many peoples minds when thousands died in the conflict between the PKK and the military. Most separatist movements tend to employ some degree of violence but the PKK was (and probably still is) a truly vicious organization.

While any incursion by the Turks into Northern Iraq is problematic this one could be particularly bad because I get the feeling that the Turkish military will not be content with only focusing on the PKK. They have already asked for rules of engagement from the government with the clear implication that they would not be upset if the Kurdish Regional Government was to be a possible target. I am afraid if they go in it will not simply be in hot pursuit of the PKK. I am not sure what Petraeus will do under those circumstances. He has not been particularly fond of the Turks in the past.

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